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                                    FREEDOM SOURCE

                        By Marilynn Lea Stark

Dedication: This epic poem is hereby dedicated to all those American citizens whose lives were taken in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 upon our nation.



The basic question of life as it construes upon the many,
And upon the individual in the quintessence of human social endeavor;
Tell me, can you define it in form not lengthy,
Such as likening charity itself to, 'You cannot break a feather?'

In your respected annals poetic to us kind,
Who like to muse upon the sages and ways of man;
Did you find expression's tether, tether to the gentle mind,
Lifted from the pages, as Truth coming only can?

For if the long days of yesteryears' imposition upon us all,
Were to be lifted in the mind by the vision of the heart;
Would we not spend our times dancing through the hall,
Never even mindful of the ways of war to tear us apart.

For as people do contend for simple justice on every charter,
So that grace and ample plenty were to flow amiably from the heart;
Would the land of plenty not be available to the many by ethical starter;
For now society's death child was smitten and recovered, amidst ethical dearth.

We must decry the want in ethics among the social mores of the people,
Say, simple respect for another's privacy of religion;
Nobody's religion is ever to be overthrown like crumbling steeple,
For that invasion is as irreverent as saying no to the concert of angelic legion.

An assault upon another's religious practice is taboo, not done;
For if one is assaulted and not protected yet by the grace of God almighty,
Think who is likely to be hurt in the favor of good over evil; no one
Should assume license to destroy another's heart for God, for piety.

And if the terms unpleasant, as in a holy war over religious convening,
Or over the exact existing terms of the religious rite to marry, do exert their dharma upon society;
Then the duty-bound portion of society will by their righteous example confer meaning,
And elevate the terms and issues unto a level conducive to social propriety.

When good ethics abound among the people, freedom stretches in the minds,
Conferring a confrontational contagion useful to good association;
Then, in such a time, happiness prevails as love does universally offer binds
To friendship, good accord, judicious behavior politically and socially--from truth no variation.

The immunity conferred upon such people, where justice easily rules, which immunity from evil source,
Does bless the culture so deeply and profoundly in the lives of the people--
Such that the knowledge widely conferred as to the proper ways of life in course
Does give appropriate, benign and beneficial effects, as societal ethics do social detriments repeal.

This is the time of the righteous rule, calling nobility of the heart
In the core of the people to the fore of human interassociation,
Whether on terms political, religious or intellectual of abstract part;
This heart's noble impart will rule and propound order by nobility's procreation.


What caused you to ponder all the while upon matters so abstract
That society's reckoning with your mission noble put you to the hilt
Of deprivation's hold, at least political will intended in fact
Holds you apart in a situation of war, as, we heard, giant contracts against your life were so wrongly built.

If society's charter had only been kinder to you;
Yet, you are mindful of totally fine provision and employ,
So that today's reckoning will be tomorrow's kinder embue
With Divinity's safe-keeping, its blessings conferred as astutely as by Wallace Roy.

For brother's sake you would go to all ends of this Earth
To see that his future was secure and sure to give him harmony with all things.
Thus you gave all your heart to the truth for him for its very way and worth
In order to save him above all that war could bother, whilst we wait, oh freedom bell, to so gladly ring.

For in the midst of any hardship there is a reckoning all its own
Which confers an easygoing nature in the situational framework of reality;
For what we call reality is superimposition reduced to the here and now, thereby cutting in to the unknown
As non-commanding in interest, is just realized as truth's total fealty.

For as ignorance pales to the replacement yet hypostatic of knowledge,
The mind is lighted, with truth's benign, beneficent wisdom of heart;
For it is the heart to which goes the mind in its remarkable faculty of expansion on edge
To calm it, to caress it with innate peace in any situation, to just observe as total witness's part.

This vast awareness does to the recipient of wisdom's love vast knowledge in return confer;
Which in turn blesses the one blessed into a state of realization of Self equal to any task;
And especially in heroic task work does that Self shine and indeed aver
That any level of capability is possible, if in God's loving light does one bask.

Thus heretofore such asseverations cited of truth, in God's wield of hand,
Can beknownst to an individual yet cause undue action inappropriate on occasion
To the better thinking mind, proving the weakening of heart's remand;
Oh, how to know a total vision above such compromise of intelligence to some given location.


What basic questions must be asked in the realm of metaphysics as by proven deed;
Review for me mankind's real purpose and mission as much as ' I ' the individual supreme;
And I will call you my teacher, revere you above all, always your instructions so dutifully heed.
You proved yourself as heroic leader of America when you conquered in Saylorsburg nearby the Reagan team.



You must be commended in your curiosity coupled with your loving will
To support me as your teacher, for that we must give even more specially than charity;
Your driving to the question of ' I ' and the many of society's fill
And your recognition of my proven heroic deed should lend light's clarity.

Thus I praise your brave sense of mission and have always praised it,
I have been in good faith that the brilliance of your questions is undeniably portending well;
I should without demur resurrect truth's questions, since you bravely raised it,
The altar of contemplative metaphysical inquiry, which alone these questions will quell.

The quest for truth is a driven process of searching and practicing by good values always;
Certain fundamental questions can be raised of natural consequence,
And oftentimes the drive to search stems from problems amaze,
To thus find more all-inclusive insight so as to react minimally from mind reactive to problems' sense.

Peope oft speak of 'freedom' once truth is a self-realized accomplishment generous;
Thus, we ask where is the source of that 'freedom' so availed,
For we would like to approach its acquaintance venerate;
I can find too many tenets of freedom in the here and now, thus we must go deeper to the source so unveiled.

Freedom itself is to be valued widely among all the people of the state,
Both in the abstract and in the active enjoyment of the society to be found;
It is as a cure-all for society's complaints and hence fate;
Freedom valued should be respected and dutifully guarded by all, its place they must freely sound.

'Who am I,' honored precursor to higher contemplations,
Is the subjective query, inquisition essential into the subjective;
The answer, 'You are that,' succinctly guides meditation
Upon the universal objective, material world reflective.

Since the entire universe is to be divided precisely as between
The subjective ' I ' sitting in the heart of the Self and opposite
The objective 'that' inhering in all else in reality seen and unseen;
This division neat simplifies our inquiry into reality as Self composite.

And even though we must rely upon others for answers to be found,
Since the greatest gift is known to the seeker who has a teacher;
The joy supreme in the answers once seen throughout that whole universe does sound;
They are for all, never-changing, above man's and time's changing feature.

So also we must rely upon others once these answers are seen,
Since even knowing them, we may falter in the wake of social disease;
We may succumb to conditions and concerted hatred, even if in wisdom supreme,
So that religious freedom is the apical realization politically, of society's holistic keys.

Consider a self-realized yogi sitting of a day in the park.
Just how free from social consequences despite his great knowledge?
Ask him if he has ever entered a marathon for a simple meal's energy impart,
As have I; indeed, let that meal stretch over the years of society's cruel dredge.

This willingly take I, if you will only consider wider conclusions;
For it was that sense of great teaching which had instead sustained my hope,
And here we are today for its lectern to recover from long confusions
Put upon many by conspirators' lassoing with dishonesty's now long rope.

That yogi will never flourish where government mind goes out for prison to get him,
In the sense of the many; organized rebellion won't work,
And once drunk on God, man's chambers seem like some unlikely whim,
That Creation could have been better; and thus back to truth-seeking will his mind so avert.

He may feel free, totally free from within, having achieved incarnate immortality,
Liberation from man's birth/death cycle, hence from suffering in the physical;
But if he stands to be arrested by police state, facing off freedom's social fatality,
Then just who is he to pass on his knowledge to those for truth so quizzical?

He is the greatest of all, how to pray in prison he would advise;
And until his superior, who can maintain the spiritual route at once with the political,
Who will serve as teacher better, since so many will there attempt such freedom to derive;
Thus we ask, what good that inner sense of freedom, where external devastation so typical?

'All the more crucial,' comes expectation's answer; what greater tool than the Self to know?
Ah, but watching the religious face persecution hurts the many citizenry,
Scares them off from curious plaint, indeed the seed of wrong recruitment does sow;
They may soon join the stoners of those who would climb for God's message the highest belfry.

Once this religious contagion yet turned turned upon itself in inverted form
Does assert its malicious grip upon the people in what we know as war,
The assault upon social values is intensified as greatly as upon tender bud in hail storm;
Then how the people do suffer, not even knowing really what it all is for.

The damage done may not be reversed unless the larger society gives way to wider war,
Calling in now the good among those concerted in power who had gone wrong,
Gone off in ethical values and moral keel, if only to collect of those spoils more;
The seed of war is as much purpose as it is conflict, just as rain is yet the flower seed's song.

Fot the utility of war to mankind is superlative if that war is indeed righteous,
Giving the fruits of social splendor, having cleaned away the threats of ills;
When too many people suffer the justices yet to be settled, injustices outrageous,
Then anarchy will loom the largest symptom, and will spawn larger, deadly evils.

In this, the Nuclear Day of man, a new promotion of war is to be found
Among the profession so clinically objective over human heart and emotion;
This, the psychiatric, does sound its battle cry on the most sacred ground,
Wherein mother rules all hearts from inborn love, yet, now shrinks seek over her but for hateful theory illicit promotion.

The conclusion of doom which envelops minds in psychology trained
Promotes social decay and disaster, as hope falls away sadly;
Leaving behind its broken family unit, since parents get blamed,
The people start to fight for new love, for order; they fight so madly.

For the culture has been attacked by psychological cult at its unit foundation,
The venerated family unit of old so dear; now everywhere ruins;
But this vocabulary and analytical way of thinking is as a neo-creation,
Fooling its practitioner into thinking: to describe it is to claim its moorings.

Well, what if 'that' is a human life yet frail to freedom
In the wrest of forceful attack disguised by authority's channel?
This is a new way to destroy freedom, and man's answer is now needed
In order to undo what terror, what travesty, what trying test, this new sponsor of chattel.

For in the tenets of psychological thinking today the woman is attacked not only as parent,
But also for her virtue, where good sense is subverted to spontaneity's normalcy rule;
Little do people know this all began for experiment's broad, bold study aberrant;
How little those animalism theories have to do with the intellect's nobler tool.

Thus as the texture of the culture decays to that shrink's savage mental scourge,
Devastation joins the prospect of decadence then done;
No more a happy place, a fragmented people sing unknowingly their durge,
Since the dissolution so well-hidden behind sense delusions' mad run.

Running nowhere and busy at that, nor capable of established place,
Do the fragmented citizens seek their own security in knocking at others for theirs;
This social anarchy invites political disaster of unrecognized face
Until things develop into drastic disaster's edging grip, and at freedom's first chosen wares.

Now if in the midst of this disorderly political web, the captor not at home,
She should media-like interrupt decorum over coffee's best brew;
Who is she to with gestures lewd command information already known,
To try to sum up prodigious realization of the heroine by grouping as 'metaphysics' what her intellect cannot do?

This low-minded attempt at now open spying coupled to printed words' threat
Can never daunt the collective force of the good over evil my patriotic travail does conscribe;
For people everywhere are praying for their country to settle its war debt,
And bring the Stark family out of its momentous heritage, historic confide.

Yes, and those afraid to go to war for their values even in a harmless little place,
Where conflict never has to flare up openly for the preservation of good conscience,
Are long pontificating upon the question of hawk or dove ideals' embrace,
Since honor no longer rules over settlement, over resolution on daily basis substance.

For when the federal governmental structure displayed non-unity in the conflict known as Vietnam,
Calling to question the very legitimacy of war in the name of presidential power;
The people were taught wrongly that universality which claims war to be wrong,
And ever since then in illusion's height does such ignorance politically tower.(47)


So if in preponderance such thought of liberation's might
Seen by the yogi as metaphysical detachment from the unreal, the physical;
Then it is possible to approach the impossible fight,
As if confident that the fight was destiny's correction irreversible.

For if the political power structure is against the individual inverted,
Then to camouflage that prisoner's self-knowledge as, yea, insanity,
Becomes possible; such intellectual dishonesty reverted
To animalism in the defense of its own strange inanity.

This is partly so simply because the beggar was the
Left out on her own to fend in the greater world from nothing;
How she faithfully served in perfect attendance amidst city's battle scene,
Knowing her future husband had taken command in the teaching of beggar's supping.

Although from another country, culture, people and religious way,
The ancient Hindu tradition of sadhu took hold upon situation next impossible;
Bereft of job, home, family, career and then religious say,
Who better to know than the sadhu, who proves by action the truth plausible.

Then where is the realm of self-knowledge to be seen by another
If the practitioner is rendered by the political system bereft of civil rights?
No longer fully and freely engaged directly in religious practice, unless behind cover,
The most brilliant can appear quite opposite, as if contrariness were the cause of the fights.

In the meantime what IS the supreme renunciation upon which all so miserably ponder?
A time to inflict abuse, a way to steal ownership as the deluded unmistakably see?
Then the very point of it all as a teaching has been thrown over yonder,
To an irreverence place, a place where no sadhu would try in physical existence to be.

For no matter the power, the moment, the awe of that spiritual feat,
If society-at-large does turn its hired, frightened deaf ear upon beggar's wide-reaching plaint;
Then the provisionary deadlock for food becomes injustice's bold, irreverential seat,
Disguising what--the inability of the deluded in power to renounce the renunciation, while they the opposite picture paint!

This political inversion is rarely ever done in the broadest time of mankind,
For no superlatives can embrace the level in a yogi of such an awesome task;
Henceward, none but the wisest knows what to think of it, cannot readily find
The answers; nor motivated to find them are those who for greed make the spoils of hunger war last.

Those spoils of war grow greater as each year passes upon the one so wrongly, rudely to hunger sentenced;
Takes Divine intervention of the highest just to make for her continued life in the physical feasible,
As if God had to pay for his unbelieved miracles with new miracles countenanced
By those now called forth to witness with minds 'awonder at what God might say would be feasible.


Truth is a doctrine to some who would contemplatively view it,
And truth is a dogma to those who do not understand it;
When truth is forced upon others by the dogmatic who hew it
Into fragments of the whole by deletion, the honest ones won't command it.

Dogma demands on basis absolute perfect attendance in that great school--
Life, itself a continuity amidst changes put ahead by the continuum called time,
Measured in memory by that continuum that time does fool,
Mesmerize, and mechanize so closely, that reality goes to such perfect mime.

Yes, time seems to direct all things and matters, unobjectifiably as it may occur;
It seems to command each event as it happens, we do bow to its oppressive hand;
Time talks through happenstance, faceless director who the future will aver,
As if connected to God direct--with knowledge as old as the finest sand.

For certainly if time rules from some kingship, like a giant not loved for his rule;
Then the onlooker suffers some delusory mind, not able to comprehend all,
For transcendent Truth means transcendent oneness, a tool
To knowing: the essence of time itself is timelessness, the answer to Truth's call.
For we say we seek 'the Truth,' yet what IS that which we Truth call?
Is it available to just anyone upon summon, unfailing, unailing?
Why should we always want to greet Truth, if it does at times appall?
Is it so special that it is really supposed to hurt, leaving that question for triviality's detailing?

Truth encompasses all, is born in the absolute, is part of the relative,
Since it has a material connection, which connection is in turn dualized;
Therefore such absolute nature of the Truth cannot find its reflected correlative
In the characteristic dual opposites of the physical, relative world, thus by senses eyed.

The ineffable nature of absolute Truth confers a birth which is timeless, as well,
And indeed that highest Truth we call God when in reality known,
Brings not even the concern for time, does not even the question of existence spell;
Though it is all of the relative, that absolute Truth in the material world by illusion only partly is shown.

The senses feed desire, which turns action into driven addiction;
Desire feeds only desire, so spiraling does the mind its mad dance;
The ignorance of Self matches the remoteness of Truth by awareful conviction,
And goes for senses; delusion's blind trip, the senses may break a warring stance.

For the senses create their own battle, since interaction will tend to conflict
Unless there is a heart-like intimacy, the deeper the better;
For total commitment in the hand of love will the perfect spouse depict,
So that loyalty to unity is accomplished in devotion's featherlike fetter.

If angels do in their happiness have to fly
In order to discover the depth of their perfect love,
Then how ready am I to marry the one I descry
As created to receive my love by those legions high above.

Reasoned love in perfected context, ruled by the heart,
Will give a caressing matrix in which the senses may play their part;
So if sense desires do not entrap the mind, leaving it preoccupied--from elevated Truth apart;
Then there is an awareness which confers detachment, in love's kind, softening impart.

When mind sees above dual opposites, we say it has resolved;
Resolution of mind comes from perfect awareness, carried into non-experiential realm;
Such a mind imbued of Heavenly light, trans-caressed from absolute, formless, involved
From meditative awareness--such a mind shines, attuned from universal surround.

When Divine will exerts upon a mind with nether realm acquainted,
So perfect will be the harmony, since the heart is thus placed in power;
This confers the transcending of time, time no longer in directorship implanted,
And points up the unreal nature of time, against whose passage the grossest reality is indeed painted.

When preoccupation with time does not make further sense,
One's thoughts have an elevated stature born of self-knowledge;
Rarefied ideas are nectar to Truth's thirst, offering God's dearest recompense,
For then the mind dwells in the heart and finds its love in its conceptual carriage.

And the Self we call 'I' finds its place in the heart, so loving,
Defined and to be engaged by mad wisdom's clamor;
Now we have the love of the being in command and mothering,
Connoting kindness to be incurred by self-realization through Truth's hammer.

Truth does destroy the essence of illusion, which is that level of reality in the grossest bound;
The highest Truth is found above the gross physical,
Where senses can't even perceive--only only pure, vast witness is found
As indistinguishable; thus, is only pure awareness, by descriptive word inimical.

For how can a form-connected medium such as words
Ever do more than convey implicit meaning of that which is formless
By definition? This fact alone our need for reverence of the Truth stirs,
Making our attitude for Truth's vehicle perfect, loving, even--and ideally stormless.

Such descriptive word by image's springboard does give
Approximate representation of the Truth absolute;
One jumps beyond the limit of meaning in words so descriptive,
Leaping beyond the immediate fathom of meaning when with Truth resolute.

Thus attained through realization of Self, to which Truth unerringly rebounds,
Is a mind imbued for reality's perfect embrace, so blessed,
That it is even, in harmony with all things, in one-pointed surrender it abounds,
In availability for life's course, to suffering then transcendent, caressed.

So that emotions become guidance given,
As the heart sings its noble surrender,
And stands in and through the mind yet living
Only as the perfect instrumental contender.

Instrument to God, found anywhere at anytime,
Such vision perfect will guide the way, define the course;
And no longer in delusion to the senses, rather in mind condition sublime,
Will that self-realized one find through absolute Truth freedom's penultimate source.

When applied against the relative, political sphere,
Will the proof of the Truth of freedom's inner source, however,
Wax next impossible; only that one chosen, to God most dear,
Will ever master the wielding of both politic and spirit; almost never.

This is God's majestic plan, for in His design is Truth's consign apparent,
Not real except to the practiced yogi; thus the several do contend
In numbers vastly preponderant to test their knowledge though aberrant
Against that one whose spirit guidance does the political man truly aver and amend.

Outnumbered and challenged, politically swamped, how can the real win then
In the mind of a lone yogi, no matter that metaphysical freedom's resonant sound?
'Tis the Truth told throughout the ages of man, this occurs precisely when
God Himself remands, and works wondrous miracles in the political realm then found.

Found first alone by that unique leader, whose witness remains discrete;
Slowly through time and events do the holy people gather to search,
To see how Truth will unfold such majestic reality, beyond the physical they so seek,
And lend support to that revelation of the miraculous yogi's reality perch.

Perched next the impossible in Truth's employ,
And in constant, dynamic surrender to Divinity's calling;
To most the political is utilized as Truth's decoy,
So that the congregation of the holy will give proper fusion, proper Truth's installing.

For it is not as much the self-knowledge of the realized saint
Whose religiosity has been so capitalized upon in the political system,
Which becomes moot to the point of deliverance from all
With corruption, persecution, injustice, and robbery of freedom at instance.

Rather, this abrogation of the many in plurality diffused as against one so innocent
By nature and by character deemed different;
this abrogation of honesty's rule,
Is accomplished by brutally negating the very worth of the special one by God sent,
So that finally that self-worth must rise above cruel judgment's insanity fool

For the tests of the veracity of such advanced self- knowledge
In one so ordained by political authority as Truth's suspect,
Collapse under the weight of their corrupted college,
Where learning is ultimately a search quantified, money's cold inject.

Having thus deprived severely and persecuted for life
By the power of riches, this faithful one so detached from money;
The irreverence inflicted upon does call to deep conflict and strife
Those ignorant people quite widely; it becomes game for deadly political cunning.

Now if the rarefied questions of subtlest Truth do construe
As in accord with timeless dialogue, but no longer relevant abroad;
Let them rest for those endowed for enlightening, those of the few,
And search instead for the real self-worth of that perfect servant so entrusted by God.

The Christian tradition of persecution by history's ear,
To be followed by the redemption of cruel crucifixion--
Let this remain in the Great Book of Israel's yesteryear,
And find here and now another way to interact with the holy, with Truth's embodied depiction.

For the innermost self-worth of that innocent yogi so devoted,
As applied subjectively against wretched objectification's political border,
Will replace that tried lesson with humanity's heart now rerouted
To respect for piety--no more pitted against some warring starver's denied quarter.

Why should this disturb Christian doctrine? It does not.
For parallels all the same, God never votes against mercy!
She lifted her revered father from his virtual grave, and thus ought,
Ought to be recognized for her heroic worth which was spawned by this feat, even if to some was it illusory.


Let us unravel further essential Truth, so that we can locate freedom's true source :
We say the one so gifted, so rare, abiding in great self-knowledge is blessed
To have thus derived inner freedom, yet this our discourse
Has not touched upon other than how that freedom sense is test.

To test self-knowledge by the political many as against one
Due to corruption and economy will give false result;
Thus we must narrow our quest to the individual against none
But Truth's delineation--to one in the world's assault.

Assault of the physical against the body and mind at doubt,
Would teach some that the Self is also divided,
As that which is within versus that which is without;
Yet closer analysis gives way to prayerful Truth confided.

Why should the great Self for reality be contradisposed
Against the difference between inside and out?
When applied to the political system for freedom disposed,
We saw how great numbers, for power, for money, do control that bout.

Thus to conclude that freedom is only found within
Begs the question, for the one who has not within truly sought;
Since as we progress from pain inchoate to nectar's spilling brim,
We do descry such wondrous reality--God's immanent fruits thus wrought.
Truth and the search for Truth, its practice,
In careful analysis for inquirer's ancient quest
Leads unerringly to reality by scrupulous method didactic:
In order to liberate the Self from deluded attachment, this the seeker's behest.
The mind engaged in what is real versus unreal
Goes straight to the Truth all seekers do crave;
This absolute Truth, direct counterpart to what is most real,
Is seen as the great source, reality's way that to freedom did pave;
This next question logical  arises from perception's concept of border:
If line exists in the relative place between inner and outer,
Then is there not a contradistinction of yet reality's metaphysical order,
Whereby what is real would also differ as to internal and external, oh freedom's doubter?
Ah! Now we see hypostatic to this, the question of the source of freedom so great,
That absolute Truth transcends the relative physical and knows no edge,
No line; no gradated difference hence in reality's impale can we make!
For transcendent is that Truth which knows no limit, mind's vast expanse tutelage.
Then if that source of freedom should naturally take its counterpart
By the equation of absolute Truth transcendent to physical attributes in form dualized;
Then freedom's source would be equaled in its expression, would it not,
In the relative world, as also equivalent, non-different between inner and outer to the yogi self-realized?
Hard put to say no, if only to lend to the dear American nation
Greater hope in this time of anarchy's testing travail;
I would derive an answer to match an even kinder Creation,
If only God's awesome Truth telling would so honor here where mankind did fail.
Existence implies non-existence, just as a thing which begins should tend to end;
Something perceived as limitless in idea, owes that ideation to what limit knows;
Similarly, if freedom is valued and understood, the lack of freedom is freedom rend;
So does the mind work through sense perceptions in dual opposites, the attributes the relative realm does impose.
Review of the Truth known as absolute brings to mind an end to these;
These dual opposites no longer express where all is known as unified, transcendent oneness;
Thus to know God is a state of mind contemplative, beyond dualities that contemplation will appease,
So that the highest Truth would be forsooth above the very existence quest.
Take the example of Jesus, that mahayogi self-realized,
Whose great enlightenment entrapped him in the politico-physical to supposed death;
By crucifixion, they say, was his redemption, his demise;
I say no, he escaped by miracles, and of some look-alike were the people bereft.
Forgive me this refute before we proceed, so that I can answer now
That question in the hundredth verse heretofore--
For if  you lend your ear to Truth's doctrine in active know-how,
Your mind will be liberated then from dogma to Truth's real wherefore.
Yes, comes heartily home that answer  so true
To the question of the equivalency of freedom
As between that which external or internal would construe;
This to the insight of one so enlightened, one privy to God's own kingdom.
Yet that equivalency cannot be known directly
Except by the one who has accomplished the feat,
The feat of self-knowledge which is gained effectively
By transcending moral judgment's determining seat.
A yogi so gifted transcends to universal laws called karmic 
In understanding the ways of the politico-social collective;
In that realm where a saint abides the Lord asserts His rule dharmic
On the behalf of preserving that one so holy, whose holiness respective.
This remains true to the extent requisite
In protecting any saint from intended harm;
To that exact end will miracles perquisite
Be employed; there will be no situation great enough to incur alarm.
The one so enlightened and pure as to all worldly things renounce,
And totally the heart to Thy Lord supreme surrender,
Becomes a leader, yea, great teacher, whose example accounts
For the munificence of God to the fruits and gifts of God most directly tender.

1989 By Marilynn Stark  All rights reserved

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