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Terrorism As a Practice: How It Can Be Countered

By Marilynn Stark


     A nation which has established an egalitarian system of governing is blessed.  We must see to it that the governing of the nation further does not sacrifice the original spirit of freedom and equality for all through excessive interference and involvement in the lives and pursuit of happiness of the citizenry yet in the name of the laws.  Such governmental excess can occur by way of bureaucratic mismanagement in this modern venue.   The methods and modes of airing the grievances of the people should lead to an holistic settling process in a healthy democracy such as ours.  That process of settling such vital issues as grievances must retain a context of dynamic worth which will lend an outcome past the issue-formation stage into a responsiveness back unto the people from the governing leaders and officials.
     Moreover, when such a well-balanced democratic nation as ours both in theory and in form is challenged by the wildness of other peoples and their plots on our tranquility and security such as in the face of terroristic strikes, then we must call upon the basic principles of freedom and equality as our guiding light once again.  After a terroristic onslaught has created a dilemma in the minds and thoughts of those targeted by the horrific and unexpected blows of such terrorists, such people gone wild to their better and rational capabilities of mind, then that dilemma will cause a replay of worst possible outcome in considerations as to the likelihood of more unexpected and horrific terroristic blows. 
     This expectation of worse to happen inculcates a fear in a people and in their leaders, a fear which can only be withstood by conquering back against the destructive people of a foreign nation who had somehow inveighed against the domestic tranquility and then claimed it by surprise attack.   And this conquest will be invisible at first, for it will become a process of overcoming the fear by use of righteous values applied to everyday living for the people; and by moral remand will such a conquest by a foreign nation be defeated as righteous values are duly exerted on the behalf of the common good of the people by the leaders.  The finest strength of each strand of political wisdom which is in the constitution of the American people and of the American governing system but for our fiber tensed and tried to the love and defense of freedom and equality must be perceived and exercised each day as we live.  There must be no political bargaining which weakens and cowers to the diffusive and ominous threats from enemy quarter.  Receipt of such threats or anticipation of them will cause a person or a number of people to have their freedoms, their equal place as citizens, sacrificed and turned into a mockery.
     Right deed plants also a right seed for the future when a  people are in the grips of suffused fear of amorphous threats.  Accordingly,  a collective bargaining  will one day accrue to the proper defense of all which had been born of many individuals acting properly in the face of possible ruination.  That collective bargaining is the full comprise of the nation working in unified harmony towards the defense of freedom and equality for all; necessarily, this must include the sector of private life for each citizen also integrated into the governmental sector.  In times of peace and good accord with foreign powers, such an integration of t he individual lives of the citizenry with the governing processes is as much taken for granted; if unusual measures are taken by the governing authorities against individual citizens due to their proven treasonous complicity with the enemy, then the test of both the governing system and the people will be all that much more difficult to master.  
     Just as we had originally fought for freedom from terroristic tyrants and learned from it when we were a nation being born, so now we must repeat that precedent in battle; we must be thus wiser to the moment at hand.  We must never turn to sacrificing our own as if we could thereby  somehow appease the enemy that we are not so perfect, and therefore we should not be despised for our great stature.  This is the true test of a freedom-loving people -- that if freedom is right for one, then freedom is right for everyone without fail.  Any other portrayal of the truth of freedom will never work as a front or as useful leverage of intrigue in war whereby the enemy can be kept at bay by the sacrifice of principle towards freedom's name and freedom's deed.  Rather, such cowardice to the enemy as to offer an instance of freedom  sacrificed under the guise of tool and not sacrifice becomes  insidiously poisonous and  virus-like at first; and then will it become progressively more like an open wound as time thus claims our national character.  Strong character would never pale and say no to freedom for one, pretending to mean freedom for all.  Strong character sees the absolute value for freedom carried into the external world from the soul within since strong character arises from the knowledge that freedom lies within the self above and beyond all vagaries of existence and all strikes against it.  Act from the knowledge of the self on the behalf of all others as if they were yourself embodied and personified, and then will you think correctly of freedom in the face of attack by the enemy to freedom.
Marilynn Lea Stark
August, 2002      All Rights Reserved.

                        Bring Back the Days
                                                            Marilynn Stark  

When terrorism boomed upon the minds that day,
Nor had its whisper been plugged nor thugged;
Were many an ear and eye lifted to sound and sight,
For long-awaited element of surprise found its way.
Was mankind lost unto war's badge of promise
When nor French nor we could settle on Asian soil,
Or was that some giant indoctrination of youth unto drugs,
That we would so insult and rebuke our army's own harness?
If war has no sanction, then are lives taken in abandon,
Like one giant invasion upon an unwilling people who also invade;
Yet if an enemy with eyes asquint can tell disaster only after,
Is terror to be stored in history's annals, ever some dust-covered canyon.
For on the desert of sanity's master live the crazed minds of might
For disaster upon another from awesome insanity,
Who then gain hope to solve the mirage of such abject inanity,
Those hardened anarchists who have lost heart's sight.
One day the target will blossom as field,
A seed from yesteryear's love had been sown;
No more the rule of retaliatory struggle,
Yet only the wise had such destiny sealed.
The wise met and shook their heads again,
Asked after the simple promise of peace;
But that was much after the defense had been laid,
The defense which met the debacle as if it were when.
Now time has made the day more glimmering in hope,
That such battle as had been time's appointed precursor
To, yes, worse and again and again that tumult and death--
No such enemy the fire of repeat could stoke.
There are ways to govern and free the oppressed,
To remove the enemy's just complaint;
There are ways to keep the nations' vigil perfected,
And never again will that terrorist attack by power's eye obsessed.
Perhaps the terrorists were the culprits in wrong assesses,
Were indeed at the root of their own premeditated complaint?
Did a thunder cloud tell them to air their battle,
As if not theirs, only to belch from their own fiery recesses?
Then we have seen the battle for true and for real,
Will overcome its ugly scar and defamation's finger,
Upon us put by crooked ones not capable of their own claims;
We as a nation have more than a notion of what secrets would wrongly seal.
And could we straighten the finger upon us put
To face and to tell us a lie after horror's pain,
Then would we also say there is no way to ever commit like deed;
What war is it to fight and to kill untold, calling pure such soot?
For soot is soot, and the borders bend,
The flames of drugs lick the senses on both sides;
That miserable poison goes beyond borders,
Giving privy to enemies' ordered fend.
Let us remember the days of before, of yore,
When fight was clean and beyond its own dirt;
When men who would contend saw a way after truce,
Fought each battle based on that before.
Such wars can be won, can settle the fears,
Can establish mankind's justice and entire day;
Bring back the innocence of our youth taken by him,
That took office to wage drugs on war's face as boys' tears.
Bring back the righteous beyond the ken of those now fallen to him;
The invisible grave he occupies, some dictator alive
Still to save face beyond his deserved disgrace;
Let America not be overturned from within as communism's seeds do thrive.
Bring back the sky where no blue ray would soar past eagle's beak
Lest the sanction of harmony's soul and truth,
Oh let the truth be sung and won again;
Bring back the days where Old Glory snaps to the winds of war apeak.
For war made the flag, let the doves contend for peace after truce;
For man made the war in God's name, let the doves pray for truce;
For what is truce where no sanity speaks first,
For terrorists do not speak to make rules before mayhem's noose.
Free the minds to peace from results of terroristic attack;
Draw from history's manager for this come true:
That the real and innocent ways of our noble cause for freedom's eternal days
Will never go under, for but two towers did we ever then lack.
 Soldier on Horse
We can preserve like seeds instead of fruit
As God makes better the day for peace;
Until then we can count our stores, not in wealth,
But in values we hold until destiny's righteous recruit.
August 23, 2003
  2003 by Marilynn Stark



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