Freedom Source . . . Part III


By Marilynn Lea Stark

An epic poem for the people

All Rights Reserved;  1989 by Marilynn Stark

No part or parts of this poem may be reproduced without the author's permission.




James lovingly welcomed me and took me to cabin for shelter,

Telling me so kindly when my Beloved would return;

There I went into prayer to Kali to avoid the welter,

To recover from hitchhiker's long journey, and for Swamiji's own welcome to yearn.



After two and a half days of total meditation, and upon sight of Swamiji once or twice in passing,

I emerged bravely to find food and people, to see of what I could learn;

Thus began my inclusion at Sandeepany, which became mine for truth's asking;

And it was there that our love for one another gave my chances for survival Swamiji's brave, heroic turn.



For this ancient tradition of metaphysics was new to America then,

And important people who had overseen the property purchase were deluded,

Since they felt a sense of ownership and authority way beyond their ken;

Thus did they challenge Swamijij's reunion with me, whom they wrongly excluded.



Proper surrender to a self-realized yogi and devoted teacher,

Who establishes a school to teach those equipped with receptive attributes,

Would allow the decision of selection of students to be God's entrusted feature

Of the way, the wonder, the oneness of the school, no matter who contributes.



This is in keeping with the sacred tradition of parampa,

Whereby great teachers seek the most brilliant to teach,

Hoping to find if but one who will break out of samsara;

And it thus keeps political man out of encloistered, spiritual reach.



But the American ignorance of proper reverence for wisdom

Caused this balance of knowledge and vision to be overturned;

And Swamiji's very freedom to choose me for his little kingdom,

Transplanted now like a rare seed, was along with my personal freedom, dangerously burned.



Nevertheless, my Beloved courted me, and set forth a lesson for me while I was there;

He honored my previously spoken and written plan to heroically save my father,

And he told me simply to go to him, even if I could not offer him ultimate care;

I took courage at that, and daily prayed for that day to become God's savior daughter.



Think how profound Swamiji's lesson to me regarding my savior mission of my father;

For when the moment was ripe to keep Leigh from his grave, did his heroic daughter answer;

Yet, Swamiji could not even offer me an open-ended welcome, for the Board of Managers that topic did bother,

Making my chances for that glorious retreat, holy company and prayer all the scarcer.



We staged, therefore, several mock departures, whereby I should leave the school,

And then Swamiji would call me back, saying I should stay a longer while;

This satisfied the political vultures each time, as they so openly broke the sacred rule

Of Swamiji's reverent authority over his inner circle, yet I, destined to with him walk the marriage aisle.



Oh, my husband, the love of my life,

The one who saw me and saved me above all challenge;

For years now set apart, your loving wife,

Yet barely can we win the place for out heart's love to avenge.



Why should the love between a man and a lady cause conflict to disorder the day?

Wherefore the concept of avenge, for the loving hearts of nature alone do sound the chorus,

The primeval destiny of married life together, is the gift of God, all prophets do say;

Since it has been the spoils of a war that have kept us apart, no matter our love so glorious.



No more is love honored, it seems; what poets of old call 'true love'--where to?

How angry, bitter and calculating such awesome enmity for our ordained betrothal;

Yet, for your love, your hand in marriage, I conquered on foot, a penniless sadhu;

Would a wayward police state elevate instead of a chaste lady, an outlaw nation, to so engender some socio-political brothel?



Yes; what concern for two good and generous people, whose mythical love

For one another had saved the nation's oldest founding nobility by family;

No heart for us, of the greatest heart, guided only by God above,

We weathered the pain upon us so inflicted, as yet some duty-bound homily.



This is the very nature of incipient war, where freedom of the individual falls to mean contract;

And the more statuesque that individual, as I in the arts and sciences broadly inclusive,

Leaving aside metaphysics and that warrior art so sacred--the more deflected the nation off track;

While a few controllers collect their brutal spoils aplenty, rendering general regard for my virtue quite evasive.



For then, who can regard this lady supreme, thrown off by some conspiratorial remand

To a land abject now to one willing to die for her principles, for her country, for the hope of mankind?

Just who can regard her for her one-pointedness of mind and purpose, seen by her as God's moving, majesty's hand,

If her political voice and platform had become some street-bound hunger cry to those so unnecessarily unkind?



Yes, this is the crux of knowing the self, the way defined strictly by surrender lovingly to the Maker,

Whereby no matter the immediate political ponder and place, that vision transcendent obtends and saves;

Saves in and through all, an endless ocean of bliss, turning each attack into a gift made all so much greater,

For God hides in His master design, and through such invisible victory He on this Earth the way for the righteous paves.



Freedom source is freedom found each time referential to the self, the individual rebounds

From corrupted power ploy designed to overthrow the place of mastery by truthful deed;

This moment so majestic in its worth, so universal its power, throughout the nation resounds

Its awesome call to all the people: that freedom source for that one becomes for all freedom's planted seed.



The beggar of the question of the truth of my awesome deed,

No such inquirer dares sound the torch to scorch my path;

Yet all planned actions by massive political, monied creed

Serve that hope to refute to my face with dishonesty's lie such contract.



And those lost in the bargain, left out to surmise,

To draw their conclusions by studied eye,

Cannot remove from sight their heartfelt surprise

That one such as I of noble birth could ever to freedom die.



One giant puzzle wandering around to them it seems,

'Is she looking for some crumb of the way, the truth for me to her give?'

Assuming superior knowledge for aught as their large coin gleams,

Do they by refusing my feat of metaphysics refuse me also some beggar's tithe?



Yes; 'For how could so many be wrong and one such as she be right?'

They reason with themselves in justification of their decision to now join,

Join the one down the street who told of a way to earn money of might,

If only to strip her of a little freedom, which would never equal a spare coin.



Thus condemn her patriotic duty and patronizing promise,

Who should pretend to such glorious heights from a wandering quarter,

Poor fool; 'If renounced of all she says, then let her now renounce the premise

That I should support her with a crumb or drop of cleaning water.'



This widespread fantasy that I could by years of open, proven deed,

Tell a lie so huge that it could not speak itself seen or unseen,

My friends, no such lie on Earth exists, search no further yourselves to me feed;

For the profound truth as I know it: God alone sustains and saves me by reprieve.



He only reprieves what man has to me done in the sphere political,

Yet He is also 'that,' and you may parrot-like echo that fact;

But I am the one who stands before you and reduces the mythical

To practical life in the proof most down-to-earth of that truth in all that I act.



This by no choice, but as way of survival in all contention     

Designed in God's exercise to teach others besides myself;

May you follow your heart and find detachment, and good intention,

For four quarters do a dollar make in all calculations your doubt places on the shelf.



And this simple summation adds up then again to zero,

Once the meal is realized and on to the next act of devotion;

For this is the equation of the sadhu, the self-realized American hero,

Who renounces the feminine derivative in this man's world filled with man's history notion.



Suppose, that equation yet equals one, since we do live together in a physical sphere,

Where expectations of country, of courtesy, of comfort, of assured destiny,

Do impinge by the nature of things in a metaphysician's honesty so sheer--

Thus transcendent, one of unity's dollars certainly solves my hunger over misplaced blasphemy, does it not?



I ask you to review for yourself these simple lessons in Truth made apparent

Perhaps in my unusual quest for this, my recognition of my right to continued life;

It can only come to you in this split second passing, even if aberrant,

Wherein I entreaty your giving a donor's hand against mad torturers' collective cruelty to me so rife.



Thus in all your seemingly high thinking I beckon you back to the depth of your heart,

And if you love your country as you to yourself say you do, if you say it daily at all;

Why yet judge my grand purpose and declared mission which an outstretched hand does impart,

For now stay close in time--I may be asking after all for you to vote in my future presidential call.



Oh!  Miracles galore, have you heard of them, in proof of my motive so noble and total?

No.  That is easy for me to say, yet impossible to prove with would-be leaders calling me a liar,

With each face to which I humble myself in position of the asking, for their outlook to me fatal,

Would I dare cause you further turmoil with mythical, magical jumble and gyre?



All I ever did was surrender to God so totally while on Earth,

And I found His mercy to my odd plight as bounteous as any ocean;

Now you may find my persuasion vicarious beyond your own

self worth--

Then you have placed your concept of God as a drop to puddle in motion.



For this do I then suffer, and endlessly toil, not able for you in your ignorance to openly gainsay;

The more I say, the more you would doubt me, thinking then even less of what little I had you shown;

For I speak by action. by deeds in truth noble, is all I could ever pretend, sincerely, I pray;

I pray that you remember what little I had taught you, for it taught me what God had for you sown.



Wait!  Maybe oh maybe, just one more second on this street in passing, a glint of the eye,

Just within our reach, could tell the days of the ways I have gone for you in my heart as teacher;

For I am first your student, you stand before me God yourself, 'You are that,' I now espy,

With that humble asseveration between us, could I heal your desire for life's improved feature?



Upon referral to the giver of freedom's fount,

For proper moment and providential direction close,

I find the answer to my quest for your particular puzzle to count

As among those the Maker would solve through my agency




Now if you apperceive after the giving of such God's gift direct,

My intimacy of understanding of power, not for its owner,

But for its essential effect as disposed from hypostacy's proven effect;

Then do I really cower to broad, evil, even pernicious, age-old conspirator's concept of power contract?





Oh, brave people, whose quest so dear to me,

For the truth of the way and the deed; the purpose so dire,

That mankind itself must connoiter and seek,

Even beyond the individual's world encounter; as if God Himself would conspire.



Just how can I answer you in space of time so niggardly,

Across these small pages wherein my heart does pour the truth of God;

When just to know God, to devotedly pursue truth thus for years so doggedly,

Takes more than church; no temple with holy ritual  for ritual to but laud.



Especially does the mind query, I understand, indeed falter, then boggle

In this Nuclear Age of man; when doomsayers meet and rudely calculate

The precise advantage, and how many times over with mere switch toggle,

Another nation to ashes can be made--then with treaties do they morbidly for us this illustrate.



War thus described and applied to indoctrinate in the abstract

Among the peoples of all the world, takes no soldiers afoot;

No commanders are needed to strategize the field, to know the fact

Of the future as by considered likelihood, just where some enemy an attack might put.



Indeed, no sides exist anymore, nobody can make a single move;

For if but one  nuclear attack were to occur,

Both sides would go under; thus war to nuclear man only suicide does prove,

And somewhere in the middle of the dark madness, man sits and awaits the political question of war to recur.



The conclusion abroad for all mankind here to thus ponder,

Rests in the dilemma of stalemated politics never again to be resolved in war;

Mankind has instead split his own warring nature asunder,

Lest the Nuclear Dragon reduce his destructive self-defense into Pyrrhic victory's anonymous roar.



Now I tell you my people as gently as I might, in honesty's hold I speak you truth;

That I have fought the real battle in this day of annihilation's nuclear threat,

I have fought that battle, the battle for freedom, where an individual's quest became thus moot;

And I fought to marry, to live, to pray, for family, for nation--for you; so do not you my people fret.



I claim this supremacy outright with audacity's tenor,

Yet mere words cannot for you great war's threat thus pardon;

Since it is the technological age paradoxically of convenience's demeanor,

You may wrongly view  my condition as one justly expulsed from your garden.



Yet I ask you to listen further, just beyond your doubt,

If you believe in my courage, strength, and piety;

For my moment and place to this speak, itself truth's clout--

Just how could you in your fast-speed seat, conduct yourself with impropriety?



My power of persusasion upon your ears, to which I defer and then must rely,

For I know in my heart's heart I will soon win you with me to this truth's confrontational task;

That power derives from magnanimous deed, across years' collective does imply,

A place for me to gather your hearts, not only win you to your day for me my leadership you to ask.



Now you may have asked me outright, the nature of mankind's mission and real purpose,

Juxtaposed to ' I ', the metaphysics an individual aspires to know, to realize;

Allow me to carefully this explicate, yes; my caveat to you is that darker threat which lurches,

Just waiting to destroy your inquisitiveness, whilst your most joyful view it tries.



Yet the self-realized one recants in words so beauteous,

Extols the perfection essential of that happiness self supreme;

Well then, if to ashes the Mother Earth cries but for logic now spurious,

What good any one-point individual's metaphysical, happiness dream?



And this is why you broached the question of the individual self interfaced to all of mankind,

Is it not?  Who dare seek self-realization replete?  For now insanity sits in the driver's seat,

And hapless the approach to God's thund'rous roar, no happy answer will anybody find;

Thus you challenge me to sum up for you presciently this prodigious enlightenment feat.



I recognize that, truly I do, and I pray to but fill your urge to know;

For those who have with the Nuclear Dragon's tongue whipped your  minds for decades three

Have no sympathy in harmony with you, would only you doomsday show;

This is also the wherefore of my elaborate begging of you to the very question you yourself see.



For if you live the fear they would steadily more in you incultate so coldly,

Not only will my answers send you back to them for more,

Since they have ruled your minds now for so long, so boldly;

But also, leadership alone cannot save the world: all the peoples must be called to the nuclear fore.



This was my long and implicit mission on this great nation's street,

Whereupon my freedom to fight hunger's encroachment

Became great bargaining chip among Super Powers  to meet

And decide whether it was time for me my Beloved to marry, that wrong dialectical enforcement.



Thus those world leaders held us in our Betrothal to the mysterious question nuclear,

For it was the only way they could agree on anything at all in the way of talk;

Just as their intelligence security relies upon watching all nuclear arsenals out of fear,

Did they watch me wander and sing wond'rous phrases, as I commanded that long, presidential nuclear walk.



I commanded it for you, my people, hoping to set for freedom great legal precedent;

This was my vision, my mission, and stated purpose as I selflessly for freedom fought;

But freedom for me became a matter of sheer survival, guided by that distant job of president;

Yes, it was for you from my expansive heart; yet my freedom was in the nuclear threat clearly caught.  



I was thwarted at every turn, no matter for shelter or job did I beg and apply;

Certain criminals rank hired the police to deseat me, to keep me afloat on the streets a beggar.

And this is how I became a prisoner-of-state, for no legal rights could I beg or apply,

No, an international cabal funded this war, thus assaulted therein your Constitution with deadly dagger.



One Super Power macher after another called me crazy so as to hide my proven sainthood;

For they claimed my father was dead while I lived that false death sentence they in war had sighed,

Yet they knew all along he was in political asylum in Canada; thus they my freedom would

Reduce to ashes, whilst singing their deadly durge-like nuclear war song to me thus applied.



Whilst held to the fore of this total vacuum of human rights they cruelly upon me thus put,

They relished my hardships and the great paradox I lived out, from hero to simple beggar--

And they stole my spoken insights, they thought, my patriotic mission I lived on foot;

I, the sequestered leader, whose caliber and vision none of them could meet in comparative rigor.



Now to my father alone I speak most succinctly, for I saved your life but for those selfish machers to you hide?

And torture me?  I love you more as these years of war have kept us apart, my prayers for you grow deeper.

Had you died for lack of faith in me, in God through me, I would have followed death's tide,

In this great, long war; no other man could have rescued my heart, and preserved me for the heroic job of America's freedom keeper.



Now this may console you, or it may not, nor can we ever recover the years aghast, the ghost of war;

For neither of us could have fought so gloriously, had we known how niggardly those machers' views,

Who could care not at all for heroic deed and the way we fought to silence that mythical, warring death roar;

They are not our equals, we have suffered this agelike separation with no compassion from others, who fell easily to some gimmick, some ruse.



Now you, my people, may not even know how greatly you in your hearts do for me and my great father grieve;

You may go along with this decade's decree by that false prophet named Reagan who kept us apart so easily,

Since the monetary side of the cabal ruled that convenience way beyond our heroic war's victory reprieve;

You, my people, have honored all along the very president who smashed our great victory in America's face so busily.



Yet he appeared to be doing not much, barely aware of events which took place on a given day;

While in office he conducted  rituals, fashions and written speeches, even imitated Leigh's manner;

Reagan sold America's dollar to foreign nations in turn for any meaningful say

Over the destiny of my father or over me, and thus he touted his great summitry, some Nuclear Day banner.



Having sacrificed my freedom to the nuclear question,

And having ceded our wealth to nations foreign

In the stead of the war recited; Reagan reduced that bastion,

The freedom of the individual, our grass roots, to yet a slavery question now politically soaring.



The philosophical turnabout so commonly taken

In this enigmatic Nuclear Day of man,

When reason and sensible  interests so totally shaken

Have been reduced to a question of nuclear arms ban;



This change of thinking among the ruling few,

And especially quite foreign is it to America the pearl,

Whereby the freedom of the individual has turned out of view

Of the wisdom which in the founding days did it so unfurl;



Such loss of perspective which had our great Civil War wrought,

Whereby the freedom of a person is for trade, for sale;

This envisioning of the slavery of the masses by those machers thus sought,

Will never tame the Nuclear Dragon, never his fiery tongue will it pale.



It remains with man to take a wife,

To sound out his destiny in the sanction of that love;

And rear their children throughout all marital strife,

Surrendering with courage all destiny to that Maker above.



It remains yet with mankind to this nuclear challenge meet

From the foundation of his destined culture, a view unified:

And that cultural unit so basic, so clear, is the family itself, from which seat

Is procreated the greatest work of genius God can man offer--the individual in truth personified.



Slavery itself is a question of the individual interfaced against formidable odds

Which freedom odds do forsake, subjugating the mind beyond immediate repair;

When born, this division of duty by ownership delusion, in a political system that slavery lauds,

It becomes a ruling evil which draws its destiny from economic sentence to class unfair.



An individual convinced that no relation to the world, its people, can offer way or worth

As according to values, morals, and a vision of inclusion so dear to self-actuation;

Such individual surmise will coincide all too perfectly with that concept of lowered birth,

Which gives his equally deluded friend, some provider, the claim of the freedom of that other instead of his possible salvation. 



For God provides all, the strength is in the asking, for one whose destiny looms large

Before stricken eyes, that no equal chance for providence is ever going to be delivered;

Let the beggars teach all how to live on the potential energy of faith in God's providential surge

Unfailingly, whether at the last moment before breath expires--does he find therein God's love untethered.



The total surrender to God most high, will provide the way for the one but for want deemed somehow low;

Such vision expansive of God only and of all provider, reduces the question of freedom to His fount,

His fount wherein infinite mercy and sustenance are to be given didactically, and to a beggar thus humbled will certainly show

God Himself, revealed in each act of giving as lovingly aware, though in practically knowing this, there is no just count.



For to the beggar supreme and enigmatically endowed thus with the grand confrontational metaphysics to ask,

That of the reality ultimate which the physical universe does grossly express, behind illusion's veil, called maya;

To such an inquirer humbled to receiving on track with inquirer's unique inquiry, the beggar's task,

The giving to another of the chance to give: the knowledge conferred lies beyond measure, and only proves each time God's infinite daya



Giving is receiving; to ask is to order the  mind of another according to universal laws,

Itself the rare gift of the beggar's metaphysical walk, where interjection of useful distribution

Is nothing but the portrayal most direct of God's absolute ownership; no one should give pause

In the face of the expression of one so holy as to live this belief in the physical of love's charity institution.



These verses I write while the enemy does quiver,

The enemy to the individual and of America the free;

For I became a sadhu as God was the sole giver,

Of my great battle for freedom for the world to see.



For this one glorious battle I fought, a beggar rudely neglected and put out,

Was a personal struggle against persecution and death;

The slave politickers merely stole from my deeds to create clout,

Wherein they indoctrinated others, recruited them wrongly, at reactive mind's behest.



Oh! America my land, America the great,

How for you I have fought and prayed for so long;

May we the people preserve again your freedom gate,

For those who have lost courage--may we sing again soon her great freedom's battle song.



We of old sang this battle twice before, once in the founding days, and then again in the Civil War;

And in all the intermittent decades have we reaped the benefits of freedom birth, freedom defense;

Were we freed from political slavery, thence from behind legal slavery's locked door;

America, your beauty and stature were born openly in time; as a pearl born yet of an impurity, nor a grain of pretense.



Just as a great man once was surrendered totally to his mother so dear,

Nor could he walk or state his simple needs in words not yet learned;

So does a nation once born grow and develop; and that only as values do her steer,

Even if once for a brief while had the ship-of-state off propriety's course sadly turned.



Now if mankind is to face off that invisible Nuclear Dragon, the whip of these mad freedom slayers;

If all the world is to envision a kinder place and more secure future, the individual's destiny resurgent;

Then we must with truth confront these monied mud fish, of slavery the traitorous pavers,

And this the better confrontation by far than some futile fear of annihilation's sallow sergeant.



This bold confrontation throughout each nation may occur,

Winning discrete national victories for the 'free world' so great;

Yet when pitted against the nuclear question to aver,

Whether communism or democracy should become ultimate fate;



The national boundary can no longer contain

The necessary border limit for vital self-determination;

Freedom in question to annihilation's threat gives rein

To that lack of proving grounds for military individuation.



As the national borders coalesce in such an abstract threat so total,

Such that to launch a nuclear attack on another

Is to invite the same upon the one who does thus attack,

No logical or rational solution obtains: such thinking itself is fatal.



This nuclear thinking, where no strategy is possible, becomes fatal to the free-thinking man;

No longer can countries attain to integrity from which they can accomplish given goals;

Thus, when held in the Nuclear Dragon's destructive abode, the question of 'free versus slavery hand,'

Slavery will win out easily, and this all the more likely due to man's evil ways over others, his greed, his ignorance perennially he shows.



May I pander to your fears and yet make this point emphatically once again in your trust,

That freedom, the individual, equality and justice for all, are still worth dying for in this Nuclear Day;

That the stakes of war gone geopolitical, wherein nations' borders collapse once again into the mother Earth's crust,

Do not give sanction to enslavement of the peoples, no matter what those communists may say.



Now you will counter  most logically , you say earnestly that I must be likewise gone mad, insane,

For then I am calling the nations of the world in this Nuclear Age to the actuation of nuclear war!

In lieu if slavery, yes, may the everyday man and woman so free remain,

Giving life's surprises and creative gifts an assured place forever more.



I say unto you, when a single soldier for his nation goes to fight,

He faces the question of death as a single person;

Similarly, the nation faces war's destiny, battle's flight,

To supremacy, to defeat, to destruction so fiersome.



So does the world now strangely encounter

Its destiny in war due to the nuclear bomb,

As once only a man, or a nation would reconnoiter for sounder

Hopes of life's continuation, to war thus gone.



The question  of war's outcome may thus loom larger in the nuclear perspective,

Yet the answer to fight remains the same, else we to slavery instead will die;

And this is the battle line, my people, drawn up by my personal mission's directive,

That must be drawn from as teaching, as answer to the omnipresent nuclear sky



For this is the battle line of freedom foregone, forsaken by nuclear man so cruel,

As to sacrifice my proven genius, my virtuous beauty and spoken mission,

To some sterile Super Power summitry, whose treaties even drawn are the  ghoul

Of that yet present absolute power to destroy, man's crucifix thus given.



For they left  me afloat in all my beauty and promise,

Afloat on Broadway to beg where no beggar held esteem;

They stole my freedom, my scientific contributions on some uncertain premise

That my intelligence was unreal, as if not mine--could I correct answers feign?



No!  Else they would not have been seen as so true,

Nor I as so impossible a person to sum up, to intellectually defeat;

What was done to my life, my marriage, my freedom's view

Stands as the great atrocity of war : that I alone so long hungry, homeless on the street.



This is how I know so intimately the nature of the nuclear threat,

For I embraced the cold street instead of my husband for years so long;

I know it must be fought, else I would be dead instead,

Yet, do not you, my people fret : God can, as He did for me,  create  the  nuclear battle song.


Just as in mechanics Newtonian, where an action knows its equal counterpart,

Can intelligent scientific man dream up and invent the answer, the nuclear sword;

Can man in his Divinity endowment, bring back to his warrior head his heart,

And fashion a nuclear sword to smite that nuclear dragon, until, 'the dragon is no more.'



If man can for his leisure, comfort, and sheer convenience project and create this technological work, this day,

Challenging thus time for speed, and space for its concomitant loss of nature's awesome beauty, for asphalt instead;

Then he can put all of that comfort and saved time, in its efficiency supreme, to make way

For the taming technologically of the nuclear bomb: only then will free man have been properly led.



Now as that politically-deemed Strategic Defense Initiative,

With which Washington had answered my relayed written treatise political,

Is born in the practical to intelligent political man's collective;

We as individuals suffer diffusely in the grips of nuclear war inimical.



Why? Because the nuclear war cannot be fought,

Thus bullies brandish this quixotic fight dream;

And in so doing the individual's freedom is bought,

As a few practitioners of nuclear talk establish their communist regime.



Thus, my people, may I from my life's long struggle for freedom,  held hostage to that question nuclear,

Say that to interrupt my freedom, and hold me back from my destiny as your deserving leader,

Is to fight the nuclear war undeniably : why should those Super Power machers endlessly interfere

With my privacy, my family, my freedom in question?  Why am I of that fantasy battle the chosen bleeder?



My inheritance of office was long foretold, was prophesied by others I cannot even for you name;

This method of opposition to my destiny so great, and the concomitant intrigue and intelligence,

Instituted a perspective meaningful to other world leaders, the battle the gift all the same;

Not to mention the spoils of the war, which as it grew by my victories, gained proportion by generous increments.



May I confide in you, for your hearts do rule, as through mine, which for you does endure

Through all measures of contempt, hostility and living conditions unkind, unclean;

May I tell you my mind which is suffused in prayer, that I believe alone in miraculous cure

As the way to proceed in this nuclear war: that Divinity alone our future does deem.



What is a miracle?  This rudimentary question should be put to task,

Yet to witness one, an individual must first have faith in God supreme;

A miracle defined is an act of God which rules the physical, in His light to bask,

In a way inexplicable to physical laws except in retrospect, as in a dream.



God alters reality in its grossest level in order to exert His will,

And the physical realm is but the grossest expression of God's totality--

Upon this knowledge was built my faith to go forth and for you fulfill,

For God through you, my people, did I fulfill my destiny's awesome reality.



For I knew before I the material world had fully renounced

That the nuclear question ruled down to the individual, potentially,

The mind of man; thus I approached this life unannounced

Except as some beggar, trusting in God's miracles, to solve man's quandary existentially.



And I began this life's mission, humility in tact,

As the savior daughter of my revered, wise father;

You, my people, were led throughout with misguided fact,

So that  with the nuclear question those machers could you once again so perniciously bother.



This method popular of subjugation of the masses,

Such attempted rule by enslavement of all but a few,

Is not only an ideological contest with its intelligence facets,

Whereby communistic nations would spread slavery in name alone made new;



But also, the enslavement of man, even of geopolitical surmise,

Is a projection of ignorance, that delusion to control,

Where no outcome of justified battle, equipped therein with the element of surprise,

Could ever again, it seems, give resolution, give expertise in war its virtue to extol.



Now I think of times classical, when if a warrior supreme

Set out to conquer, to gain the thrust of war,

In answer to conflicts, to settle with honor, no fantastic dream;

If he in war thus made victory: this was rulership lore.



Now compare today's leaders, who come up intellectually,

By words, by schemes, many by corruption's tarnished trust;

When one rises to the top, what is war to him/her conceptually?

Some long lost art, history's mellow memory, whilst the Nuclear Dragon does the mind obfusc.



I know what it  means to fight; fight clears the  mind,

Ready for the next, and gives assurance that freedom is here,

That the integrity of self rules beyond, through all threat does shine;

Fight gives honorable settlement, and is transcendent to fear.



I, an individual, set out alone, God's assignment next my heart,

With nothing but that knowledge of self-defense upon me conferred

By that warrior Divine, Master Son; such Blackbelt immunity to evil does impart,

To the one surrendered with humility, to the one of God's grace assured.



I, as your leader, would resurrect the fighting man,

For I know how my will to win each battle

Showed me with my eyes God's rule, and America's vast land;

Those sterile leaders other would of individual man make commodity's chattel.



This is the limit of their understanding, the way they can conceive

Of rulership, to make order in the face of annihilation's audacious tenor;

If they can own your lives, as they in their fear-born thoughts perceive,

Then they will thus RULE over life-death's question, as ownership's provided mentor.



This idea fixated upon the individual's liberty by those of inferior task at war,

Arises from their immorality of mind expansion partly, so ridden in sense delusion,

Does this idea console them, actually fool them, that another's life is for

But gratification of their selfish, animality desire; therefrom slavery for them some broad, animalistic conclusion.



Now if in the Divinity of man you rest your mind, and aspire to know more of the self;

There you will find God's majesty in form, of His miracles you will never tire;

But do not discount the method of the enslavers to be blind, God's power to place on some shelf

Long forgotten; no: let me explicate one example for you, of how they your freedom would expire.



God can be known in two fundamental ways:

As in form, or through ineffable formlessness;

Thus do these conspirators set out to enslave,

By creating forms, exact replicas: for such clones, no Constitutional redress.



This, the army of look-alikes, put out upon DeTocqueville's American landscape,

As ghosts of liberty, ghouls of the individual assured of name and face,

Let alone integrity of transaction, power of signature gone to another's robotic fate;

And this, my people, spells some end so near, has America lost to science once again her grace?



When scientific man lifts his sword of truth upon this Nuclear Day gone wild,

And persuades free citizenry to for pleasure, for money's worth and power,

Give up the shape of nose, the turn of chin, the profile transformed, of another child:

Where are parents? Where is the individual? From giant to wimp, to pimp struck at the bowel?



What method of indoctrination of war could against this great country apply

To so condemn its worthy people to such a mad scientific knife,

As to mold the face and take the name, even if in the name of super-spy--

And thus create an army of politico-legal slaves to engender this war upon individuality so rife?



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