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Art represents the essence of the match between reality and the perception of reality by the artist; art is captured in whatever medium and by whatever means of settling with that perception of reality which the artist undergoes and has undergone introspectively. It is with special honor to the profound spirit of art that these art pieces are presented herein for your perusal.  Welcome.

Marilynn Lea Stark


"Hanuman's Window" by Marilynn Stark June 11, 2002

There are no words truly meet with the valor and glory of the great Hanuman. Art intervenes in this dilemma.

"Marriage Dove" by Marilynn Stark 06/10/02


"Shelter" by Marilynn Stark May 10, 2002



"The Fullness of God" by Marilynn Stark December 3, 2002



"Dark Hand" by Marilynn Stark August 28, 2002



"Nesting" by Marilynn Stark 2002

2002-03 by Marilynn Stark  

 All rights reserved.  


"Leaping Dragon" by Marilynn Stark June, 2002

All the universe can be regarded as the dominion of God, as the entire world IS God. The tradition of martial arts especially is replete with the entity of the dragon, an expression of the divine principle.


"Angel in A Window" by Marilynn Stark June, 2002

Once liberated from moksha, the birth-death cycle, the individual atma may join a higher entity, that of angel.

"Fantasy Flower" by Marilynn Stark June 12, 2002


Motto of

"As Music Happens" by Marilynn Stark November 11, 2002



"Arrival" by Marilynn Stark June, 2002


"Angel and a Dove" by Marilynn Stark June, 2002


"Tower the Field" by Marilynn Stark August 29, 2002

The event of the decimation of the World Trade Center twin towers must be prayed after. God's grace will be rewon if we supplicate Him for compassion, healing and true destiny after the fact of the terroristic strikes put upon us all. Tower the field, Oh Lord!

"Bridge in the Park" by Marilynn Stark May 10, 2002


"Bird By the Steeple" by Marilynn Stark June 9, 2002


Motto of

Music Dove

"Music Dove" by Marilynn Stark 2003


"Photosynthesis" by Marilynn Stark 2002



"Off to the Woods" by Marilynn Stark June, 2003


Flag art skirt

The art of sewing is embarked upon


Skirt belt

Applique is an art


Please do not take the liberty of reproducing these works of art at your own will, as they are held under the copyright of the artist, Marilynn Stark. If you wish to include any one of these drawings for your personal Web site with no profit undertaking in mind, then contact me for permission. Thank you, Marilynn Stark   September 28, 2003  


These art works are under the sole copyright of the artist Marilynn Lea Stark.


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