Freedom Fight      

                                      By Marilynn Lea Stark          

An epic poem, sequel to the epic Freedom Source        1989 by Marilynn Lea Stark   All Rights Reserved


Dedication: this poem is hereby dedicated to my revered teacher of martial arts, Grandmaster Duk Sung Son, President of World Tae Kwon Do Association     



Hark ! What angelic horn calls with music divine?

What sounds there, where the eyes cannot see,

The hand cannot touch, nor do my feet traverse such invisible line!

To Heaven am I thus called, whilst I on Earth seem yet to be?   (1)


Listen again, for repeated telling, the portrayal of music now heard,

Yet not seen in the surround by visible instrument or worldly musician;

This God's rendition must be, yes, here where I stand, a beggar on MacDougal and Third;

What message for me on this Christmas day, as if to be touched only by magician?                                                                                      (2)


What angel summons me forth in great moment on this day,

Telling me in words mellifluous, in kindness of heart,

That my father will come back to save me, Angel Gabriel does say:

"Be thou of good cheer; you have first saved his life," and reward he thus announces for my part.                                                              (3)


This Christmas message from on high, arresting my mind in resonance clarion,

Consoled me so completely, announced God's intervention direct:

As some prophesy come down, to be translated to terms egalitarian

As of only God could conceive in the face of this cityscape, by man, by injustices, made for me so abject.                                                      (4)


My mind thus blessed, resolved as if by God direct,

Upon the question of the life of my father most dear;

Would I challenge then some hidden commander, whose army abject

Towards my heroic quest, caused there to be a lie you, my people, should not likewise hear.                                                                (5)


Yet, I must speak it now; as it traces for you the long war

We as nation of people did suffer and unwittingly shoulder;

Nor was it contained within our nation's borders, such days of yore

I suffered; and suffer still with you; for to resolve this war, we how much bolder?                                                                                   (6)


Such lie fundamental to this written fact of war so cold,

Which built intrigue and fathered wide corrupted contract,

Hid the miracle of my saving prayer and visit to my father, whom I had told

I would heal and thus save: that I did so remains history's fact.  (7)


History's fact it is; nor small that miraculous healing feat.

For I found my revered patriarch reduced in form,

With missing leg; war's cruel, torturer's charge had been he;

Whilst the enemy's front some organic illness, to me a topic quite worn.  (8)


This story I unfold of my quest for freedom, for equality

In the eyes of man, will trace for you ever so carefully 

How my personal victory in saving Leigh's life, unqualifiedly,

Become the founding mode of world-wide civic strife, in which I fought then so prayerfully.                                                                        (9)




What is this message of war, and why should we laud it?

We have heard of your travels, your mission to us esoteric,

Even miracles; your begging moves us beyond federal audit --

Is your work, beyond belief you are, the truth of this worn democracy out to thus ferret?                                                                      (10)  


For if you bring war, how can we balance our love,

Transfixed then upon the question of patriotic truth so dim;

Striving, we find ourselves not equivalent in your abilities, would a dove

Sound a more welcome song, than the dawning of some war ever to us so grim?                                                                                        (11) 





Cry not, my brave soldiers, cry not for your country's dawning day

Of greatness unsurpassed in this enigma supreme, this nuclear sky;

Cry not, my dear people, cry no more for dispersed political nuclear sky,

Put upon this American nation by economic cabal behind that momentous lie;                                                                               (12)


That lie momentous mentioned heretofore, that my father had died, and crazy was I, your destined leader;

For just as a great miracle struck from a heart so noble, so pure, is operative through transcendence of time

Upon the physical realm, will it indeed puzzle those who do not understand God's will as total feature

In this life, in this gross reality which technology will persuade: that physical realm is so sublime.                                                             (13)


Yes, just as a miracle is God's play, lila, and time his toy, place and space his tools,

So that the physical expectation of event or condition defies the laws mechanical;

So will God in His way show the gladness fundamentally intended as He truly rules,

And man in his delusion imagines otherwise, turning thus my projected kindness in saving my father into alternate designs tyrannical.       (14) 


Thus, my first and heartfelt consolation to you citizens concerned for the cause of peace,

Lies in the measure beyond fathom to you or to me, of God's real purpose in saving him;

For if that His will upon Earth expressed, yet bothersome to the point of war unleashed,

Think how joyous the days yet to come, when we the wiser, having faced that destiny ever so grim;                                                       (15)


How we will recapture the past, true to the idea of transcendence of time in my miraculous feat;

And find in that event; the healing of the Stark family patriarch next his very grave,

For what it was in my heart meant for all to be: an act of preservation relevant and meet

With the gifts of wisdom, love and kindness, of leadership: that  he America would save.                                                                         (16) 


Cry not, oh people, as God has indeed America so beatifically blessed, verily saved,

In the healing of my great father, who by heritage is your founding father by nation's borders:

It was only a measure of time that threw us from central course, as I the American streets for you duly braved,

So that in such time he could be hidden, as we warriors noble assigned, we faced off those nuclear marauders.                                              (17)


We faced them off and gave them their say, their idea of a world attuned to peace;

How they complained of the absolute threat of the nuclear bomb, and established therein

Their abject license to kill my freedom; at that no satisfaction, upon numbers without surcease,

They set upon the people to thus enslave, using casuistry to baffle my intended mission wherein.                                                        (18)


Casuistry defined is the inversion of religious principle under the guise of its perfect practice;

Logically, this means total falsification in the name of truth, such that the believer is confused;

In my instance, a beggar rudely and conspiratorially ejected, whilst charity my mission's lattice,

Citizens were widely told to give to her is wrong, for her very need proves her named mission diffused.                                              (19)


Who can from the streets save America? What living father, where? A true holy lady wouldn't need a feed;

How can a Blackbelt save her virtue -- who ever heard of a miracle turned on freedom itself secure;

Such propaganda, such miserable turn of charitable value, of the place of nobility of deed,

Challenged at times my image for you people; and casuistry challenged the very breath of the event of my father's miracle cure.            (20)


In summary, then, as I set out to transcend worldwide contract upon my freedom and talents,

A sadhu, renounced of all worldly things and pleasures, given totally to the pursuit of self-knowledge;

Those people of Vedanta who might have properly and by religious ethic, helped me strike a balance,

Turned on the truth of my venture and holiness, hoping to destroy my ordained marriage; this under Ramaswamy's false tutelage.      (21)


For Ramaswamy worked with police and broad intelligence interest to prove me somehow wrong;

He offered the people, followers of my husband, reward for their fear of police interference,

And taught them to renounce yet my renunciation itself, so he sang that irreverential song;

In so doing, the entire Vedanta movement fed upon my power, now inverted, in the name alone of police clearance.                      (22)


This, my people, is the massive political front we weathered into warring stature,

As others collected wealth but for the dearth of my religio-political Constitutional rights;

Whilst the federal government threatened to deport my Beloved, thus prohibiting me from him any coffer;

This in so doing, did the errant American political establishment drive us to great religious heights.                                                    (23)


I have fought this war already; if you ask for its day yet dawning,

Then you must consider me somehow capable of such question as prophetess;

The war monger who sponsored its term so secretively, a term now fawning,

Pretends to himself and others to be still in charge, and fights still to capture me, from his battle memory momentous.                      (24)


Ronald Reagan serves the people but a few, while he speaks broad phrases for him by others written,

Which tout openly that philosophy of democracy on normal course left implicit, unsaid;

This, his technique, uncovers in truth a viewpoint contrary to true America, now smitten

By that president who blames the people for their plight if homeless; to slavery had he them led.                                                               (25)


Ronald Reagan serves the people but a few, a few who tell him what to do in name only of our country;                                                                

These backers established themselves by name as oligarchy, while prophet Reagan was in his heyday secure;

While they issued him orders he mindlessly followed, but in deceitful attitude far from perfunctory,

They called him leader of America: this parrot of speeches - would you trust his words yet the future to procure?                                       (26)




What is, then, this war of which we speak, while you, my people, watch me suffer isolation,

And threatened death, the scarce civic freedoms of one left out of social grace to, yea, starve?

To you this must certainly threaten even larger extent of raging battle throughout the nation,

Since my long term of injustices severe seems never to resolve, so that it greater war fields surely should politically carve.                     (27)


Yes, this is accurate expectation on your part, miserably so, based upon the gripping mentality of the mind of war;

Those involved do not wish to let go of their captive, for then they feel they would lose some fight or other;

For war is driven primarily by reward of spoils, and the drunkenness of those in power seeking more

Combine to chastise forever the one they have deemed not free, but whose supremacy is hidden beneath that momentous lie's cover.  (28)


Now I have given fact of my story of the presence in war I realize as one who saved her noble father,

And even so it  by some political intrigue inverted beyond immediate recognition or repair;

You may not even conceive of the conditions, challenge and rule of evil from which I did him then untether --

That very lie momentous is exactly the extension of that rule of evil, beyond my heroism: just how to then ever compare?              (29)


It is the very dilemma which will now rule your minds, until I instruct as to the nature of war:

For allow me, if I have struck victory in war so momentous, that it could not be given political haven at once,

To teach what I know of war, to say what is war in an abstract design, beyond this current roar

Of injustice, beggary and challenge in the physical I have known from truth's founts.                                                                           (30)


However, before embarking upon this rarefied truth, so as to thus construe war as metaphysical,

Which derivation led me to realization, and to total survival under consistent conditions read by others to be impossible;

Allow me to proclaim the crux of the issues which staved this war after my miraculous feat in saving Leigh, far from whimsical:

Nor was it mere whim that political controllers set out to prohibit my marriage to my Beloved, that great peace revival.               (31)


This is the war true true hearts die for, as it sets the tone, the way of righteous life,

Whereby man and wife remain preserved forever, no matter the minds of others

Whose moral sense and cultured values fall weak in the wake of average strife;

For without the sanctity of marriage as honored widely, no more society's surest rudders.                                                    (32)


And this my husband, my love so true, to you, my people, I cannot describe;

This marraige destined to be is what all this war is truly for:

How world leaders do control, and block our freedom for our love to thrive
And foment the religious rite of marriage, our love by now of legendary lore.                                                                                          (33)


You, my people, of the brave American nation, not exempt from war, having been founded

In the greatest of struggles against political slavery known euphemistically as imperialism;

You must understand war contemporaneously in its abstract sense, metaphysically as bounded

Above from Heaven most high, and bounded below by dual physical opposites in conflict unsavory.                                               (34)


And consolation I give you, if you care to listen, that even God would design battles on this Earth;

For if God made the physical realm, from the absolute thus given, He is that realm also; by identity;

Then consolation remains in discovering Divinity in all aspects of the physical world, even that of kindness's dearth.

For war is not kind to the naked eye, yet, the knowledge of God and self in war conferred grows to wisdom in plenty.                         (35)


Oh, do not counter that wisdom is not to be attained by all, is for but a minority not measured in justice:

Is God's active judgment of those He favors and does not favor, obscure for His reason to us on Earth;

So since it cannot be figured out, no reason to listen, convicted your minds to thus not inquire: convicted thus you preface

Any thoughts of leadership in God's given work of war with non-acceptance of the purpose in your birth.                             (36)


For were you born to know God, most completely, you were born at all; what way more didactic than to struggle in war

Over life/death's question, since death undoes the very meaning of birth, and its threat in battle narrows the mind this to face;

May I cite herein my everyday life for so many years, where I fought that very freedom fight as the truth God for me meant and bore

Those fruits so rare of knowledge to survive, yes thrive, only to be prepared as your leader; did I you in devotion supreme embrace.  (37)


For the love of God is endless, as broad as the expansive sea, so deep it is fathomless, the cradle of all mercy;

This love of God is the magical equation, the bridge which crosses the chasm of the question posed, that face of war;

Once glimpsed, the true devotee humbly goes back to God for more, guided by the memory of momentous compassion without surcease,

Hoping fervently for the next answer, a way to embrace that love, never again lost on some abandoned, hostile enemy's shore.(38)


Ask Him for life, for love, when death does impend, when death strikes and hisses at others to you known and unknown;

Ask to be delivered, to find some reason tolerable at least, so that hope does not die first in you instead;

Do so in attitude reverential, make it your daily, living prayer, as for America did I, and do not bemoan

The conditions of the physical source about you, for remorse is unreal, and therein lies the grossest level of reality described only as dead.                                                                           (39)


For all that is most real knows no time, no phasic distribution in a continuum recognizable for change;

You may for God describe some dead person, behold even an entire nation of man deceased and disunited,

Split asunder into foreign dominion, rendered to grave completely; and God will instead expand your mind to Heavenly range,

Wherein abides the spirit, the most real of all, the source of all battle; this is, without time or place, pure awareness alighted.            (40)


Wait! What topic concerns us? I thought it was war, now I revel as I talk of God again;

Could you follow this discourse as the footsteps I have for my to me lost nation so faithfully these years trodden,

For that brave, Divinely ordained freedom fight God conducted through me; then where I have been

Would enlighten you to know God favors His own, and seemingly stricken with nothing, with His gifts was I duly laden.            (41)


This God's favor is not to be coveted as only belonging to the one to Him most surrendered,

For leadership in one construes to all; knowledge replaces ignorance, yes,

And further that one most blessed stands to share self-realized gifts as tendered

To any and all with the insight to ask, and the reverence to see: all that does God bless.                                                                        (42)


Since 'You are that': Tat tvam asi, sing the Upanishads of ancient Hindu script;

Look for that; see yourself in all, read God in all in non-dualized intellectual insight; 

Apply this in time of national danger next to the question of war; to this also God affix,

And you will be the student of the time rendered over a decade full I have spent in America's freedom fight.                               (43)


You say in hesitation full and staid, glad of the moment in quiet that your doubt and ignorance did quell this quest

Of truth almost too much to bear: you say, 'I love peace, and the nature of war goes against that;'

I say in return, you will remain deluded, unable to function  in patriotic ardor, that we cannot tolerate that you rest

Your inquiry on safe haven but only for the nature of all that just is: yes, war hurts, as does foreign dominion over a people grown to their duties slack.                                                                               (44)


This threat I can lift, oh please, oh people, if we inquire more essentially into the nature of life about us;

We must trace the truth from its quintessential derivation, knowing on faith this will attune well the mind;

The mind for war, thus tamed and enlightened as to what is most real, will save a nation, even world, so perfect that metaphysical focus:

For machines have failed us with their robotical animation, to the extent of the nuclear problem, that Pandora's ugly find.            (45)


Machines imitate life to the extent that they move; animals tend to ambulate, swim or fly, while plants quietly grow;

Thus, life connotes motion, activity, the engagement in change, and change itself is characteristic of the physical.

Change is known through time; time exists only in the relative, yet all that is relative did God from absolute sow;

For God is, non-different from the absolute, so that the maker is the equivalent of the made, leaving us next quizzical:                     (46)


Could God Himself create some flaw so huge in all that should be majestic, this life we know and seek,

His great creation; some flaw in this life is war for sure, thus never would God's favored even fight!

I answered we are all God's favored but for this birth, and those slowest to lift arms, the mightiest, the meek,

Have done their intended lessons as God gave them, to contemplate meticulously the nature of what is wrong and what is right.        (47)


The physical realm is fundamental to the nature of fight, since this physical world is of dual opposites comprised:

This sets the tone of the battle, even on everyday terms, whereupon if we ignored opposites, would we most certainly die,

Of  hunger, for thirst, in the extremes of heat or cold, not to mention that threat of physical attack of which we must be apprised

Before or as it happens, lest we fall as to the blood-letting of classical battle, the culmination of the way we for life in the physical do vie. (48)


However, in life's serene repose wherein does abide classical peace,

The yogi attuned to the factual knowledge of relative realm dualities,

Does strive to attain to a state of mind of transcendent indifference to what he sees,

Called tittiksha, and feels amidst those dual opposites, a cheerful mind of realistic mutualities.                                                           (49)


Knowing what to expect in an opposite extreme, one or the other of the several among them to construe

Discomfort. emotion, reactive embrace; to condition no hopeless attachment would co-existence dictate,

Else the mind remain discomfited, divided, deflected for sure by what seems in the physical would imbue

The senses, hypothetical to some antithesis not there: such informal trap only a prison does imitate.                                                 (50)


To the one thus divided, faithful to ignorance, in contrast to another who seeks a higher mind to reality to attain,

The mind reflects the world of the physical, bifurcated as between the extremes of opposite duality poles;

Thus fooled, and living behind illusion's veil, called maya, the mind thus deluded tries to control the physical all the same,

And marches mentally into some unreal way of command, thus to take charge of the inevitable destruction tolls.                           (51)


Thinking so ignorantly, that to thus hurt another and gain some recompense for damage done,

Will then build power for utility's sake, and defend again further against unavoidable attack;

Such offensive posture in relation to hurt is seen by the evil, delusory command who eventually shun

Reason as a way to enter affiliation with others according to non-violent principle: ahimsa; they must always at others 'get back.' (52)


When expressed accordingly into the politico-physical, the rule of evil by ignorance mind,

To thus work in the world by a philosophy blindly built on destructive impulse and supremacy of hurt,

There is created a war; this stalemate thus becomes a process through which distribution of wealth does bind

Even innocent opportunists to demoralizing interchange; and thus endangered, such culture is at its worst.                              (53)


Usually when we speak of war as yet some distant prospective,

We generalize unknowingly to a reflection of the fight

Thus drawn up heretofore according to metaphysic's reality perspective,

And such conflict by ignorance of its hypostatic aspect threatens the mind as some inevitable blight.                                               (54)


We cannot but for ugliness of war's destructive awe

Even consider purpose beyond perhaps sheer survival,

When in the abstract we seek a justifiable, resounding saw

To explain to the children: this is far more than jealousy's rival.  (55)


It is rooted in contempt for all for which the nation stands.

Ah, but that is a level of patriotic rarefied realization

For which we must strive, and a viable political process it demands;

Such a war where to such issues are properly elevated is seldom seen, such successful contemplation.                                          (56)


For it requires at least one enlightened leader to lift a people from war born of delusion,

Which just blindly occurs as in the nature of the dualistic, material life;

Still indeed it is required, for that leader as teacher to render her people the infusion

Of knowledge and awareness, thus uplift them before that useful battle's drum and fife.                                                        (57)


Now if in my example as bold freedom fighter, gone out for years in her great, yet defamed nation to conquer unafraid,

You take courage and equally great lessons, you will listen all the more to broad illustration by me for you thus drawn;

For who can speak better, than the one who accomplished the task, the feat of saving by healing miracle from wrongly destined grave,

The father by family of America's wisdom, whom you may countenance as the rising hero of America's second great freedom song.         (58)


'You say freedom - freedom from whom?'  Draw up, oh people, from memory's kinder sake,

The days of yore when our children were free to roam the streets, and play without fear of crime's impending grip;

When houses and cars were left unlocked, nor were drug dealers selling contraband openly for any take;

When crime in general was NOT America's leading trade, subjecting her otherwise innocent citizens to some subliminal, police-state whip.  (59)


For this is the beginning of any dictatorship -- the way and method of subjugation of a people, no matter their history,

Their greatness, wealth or world fashion: fear of arrest and criminal conviction for yet the crimes of others.

And this the method precise and elaborate of the single leader who of America's heritage and power made great mockery,

As he strutted majestically about the superpower stage on some actor's hidden ploy, reciting lines intended as effective crime covers.                                          (60)


Indeed, before I fully persuade you and win your ears thus pliant to the truth of one who sees

In and through deceitful presidential leadership gone awry, may I humbly apprise the general nation of war's ugliest intrigue:

It was my term on the streets left wandering, a homeless beggar, some prisoner-of-state with no reprieve,

Since of no crime guilty was I;  no, mine was hero's noble feat, and I of world leadership thereby proven was in the league.     (61)


I, my people, your destined leader for sure, was being punished for my defeat of the attempted assassination

By slow poisoning and by world-wide contract, of the one whose name I mention in reverence to our nation's foundation;

I, my people, your by now overly proven President for sure, was being persecuted by the reign of evil in association

With world economic cabal designed to keep alive that momentous lie mentioned afore, war's continued inculcation.     (62)


Yes, I was held to the will of but a conspiring few from a distance remote to human rights and gentler concerns;

I, the one with all the gifts to offer you, accused wrongly, kept apart, to face off the ugly war with some faceless few --

Faceless at least to me, were they, though I thought I knew them all from the base where I grew as from lecterns,

And blamed them blindly through my love did I; indeed rightly so, for a crime is a crime, and certain professors did I wish to sue.    (63)  


Any enemy gains the strongest advantage in the ruination of another when not held accountable to pernicious deed;

Now paint a place, a planet held hostage itself, to some abominable force of the annihilation of matter;

Then just who can wield that nuclear gun, an arcane arsenal out of reach to the common man or visible steed,

Just who can claim a way to proceed as one inexplicably in charge, and safe as commander-in-chief of that nuclear military ladder?                                                (64)


There is no accountable person or face to which to reconnoiter, no way to hold a rational convocation of all those wishing to mysteriously round up some formless enemy;

Then place your will accordingly against myself as the one likely to survive that famous nuclear question, such eerie enigma,

For her godly attributes, family heritage unique, and blessings miraculous, both passive and active as according to God's kind harmony; 

Then you will have joined those political enemies to my freedom, not a few, who upon my marriage placed, yea, faced off, that unaccountable nuclear stigma.   (65)   


This tale I tell of my most remarkable feat, in the lure of nuclear battle,

Wherein rich families amassed their riches and contract conspiratorial;

Families   such  as  Rockefeller, Nixon, Vanderbilt -- this is no tattle --

They miserably pitted their wealth and names through nuclear cult dictatorial;                           (66)


Yes; pitted their weight against my freedom, talents and heroic stature,

While they lied to the world at wonder and of fame at my life of wandering,

Left to explain myself a thousand times each day over the matter

Of my total need -- yea, in nuclear politics they put me dangerously tottering.                     (67)


Reagan took me prisoner-of-state; he bartered my civic freedom against the famous nuclear stalemate abroad,

I, the majestic hero of the ancient Stark clan, was objectified to an international economic cabal opposite that dry war;

This, the nuclear war, my friends, my patriots, where possible no strike lest the MAD Doctrine give Pyrrhic battle's laud;

This, my slaughtered freedom, in the name of would-be destruction, overkill -- where no man had the honest courage to activate the nuclear corps.          (68)


Some coward's fable, some fantasy king, an abominable torturer to run a country on tradition's majestic stage,

Calling up memory of a great era gone past, a great American democracy -- what did he really care?

For my life, my freedom, my father: no, he used these all to torture you, while to econcmic slavery did the nation fade;

He, just an actor behind a veil of deceit, drunk on some absolute nuclear power; report this to you? No, he did not this with you share.                        (69)


This was a game, of posturing, of summits, of treaties left unattended, ignored;

Using my freedom, my term on the streets, Reagan ruled the world as he chose,

Some power-happy executive gone wild, my life a bargaining chip -- how his power soared;

And he collected the benefits of a great American president in contrast foreign policy pose.      (70)


Reagan the hero, the giant, the one who declared, "America is back," whilst he used the nuclear dilemma

To terrorize indirectly, to politicize legal slavery, to level the great American democracy;

This, my dear people, did I learn on the military field in Saylorsburg nearby my Beloved, where he pitted his drama

Directly against our marriage for years, using police doctrine, and taking orders from what should be called an oligarchy.                                          (71)




You ask, my dear people, not only of the war versus peace question, which presaged the Nuclear War

I have on the streets for years together alone fought; that media question launched obliquely by Vietnam;

Leaving for the time, therefore, the metaphysical question of war, I countenance your query: 'What is this war for?'

As you seek a message, something beyond or beneath that which you know as my revered battle song.       (72)


If I have silenced your tears and tempered your fears through the metaphysics which guided my way,

And uplifted your hopes, inspired your courage, with my tales of heroism, battle and miraculous cure;

Then may I proceed to your question most profound, for you, my great American nation, took the very say

Of the answer in the same breath you asked it: and this brilliance in you has already me saved; for sure.     (73)


For you said, and I repeat: "Is your work to ferret out the truth of this very democracy?"  You saw it.

Do you know that not only in retrospect did my people ask the selfsame question, and elicit answer in the affirmative;

Thus, they set out to heroically save me beyond my physical hardships and unusual mission, did they so laud it,

As they took their seat of power as the people, the implicit rulers, the true democracy conglomerative.        (74)


But also, you, my people, took the saddest question of all, as my presidential quest moved to the perspective local,

Directing my daily life, freedoms and privacy as thieves of my marriage to my Beloved who saved me with you;

You took Reagan's war crime as he attempted to starve me, designed to terrorize you was that heinous plan thus focal;

You took it in stride despite the hurt, the shame; you saved me once again, if all it took was just of you a few.



I sing the songs of mythical heroes and feminine warriors, songs of the righteous, the noble;

I worship just the name of God, fundamental to higher prayers to detail my goodness of heart for all;

Then I look around my immediate surround with mind thus divinely infused; no trouble --

I live in America, where the people rule through their democracy, alive in the hearts; so to your hearts I dutifully do call.                                                  (76)


You must know the basic threat of any warrior great or small, man or woman, who faces death in daily life,

Is self-preservation, self-defense, the innate desire to live on despite the attempts of others to kill;

In the Nuclear Age the mind indoctrination of a ruling few elite has claimed life/death battle strife

To a universal level, made such by the absolute power of annihilation's threat, thus minds instead of soil do their abstract arsenals till.                               (77)


People, my dear people, how my heart goes out for you, whose right in honorable battle for self-defense has been claimed

Even at the local level on life's everyday walk, where the crime extends its rule from the Nuclear Dragon's fiery mouth,

Where the crime against freedom of the individual to pursue happiness, the spirit of ongoing life to claim life, has he maimed:

If my life has been claimed by God above us over death these many odd years, then has He thus reversed that Dragon's sterile, self-defense draught?           (78)


Has God almighty lifted His sword of truth, and reminded nuclear man quite didactically,

That the element of self-defense cannot be denied, nor can sentiments of self-defense be annihilated,

Totally subjugated by the mental warfare of a ruling few now drunk on nuclear power factually,

Whilst impotent in the face of intent to strike, rendering fact to fantasy: your freedom thus dangerously violated.  (79)               



Last entry on February 23, 2004  This epic poem is being published in serial fashion.

1989 by Marilynn Lea Stark   All Rights Reserved


This  poem is being published in serial fashion.


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